Thursday, March 25, 2010


So happy Spring has sprung, which means lots of NEW! Two of them being our neighbors, Tony and Cleo. Just moved in, and I can't wait to see them floating down the canal soon with their family.
Been doing some rearranging and cleaning in the ole Work Room, but check back at the 1st of the month, to see some new creations.

Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm Back! It seems as I have been gone for quite awhile from here. I am offering a Memory Box this month on "Arts a Flutter ". I have finally been doing some work since I returned from vacation. It took me awhile to get back into the swing of things. So, please check out all the new items from the artists on the magazine. Some beautiful work!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, finally we are having some warmer weather here. It's raining, but at least we're not freezing. It's nice to see all the neighbors come out of hibernation too. I have some new items that I am offering on "ARTS A FLUTTER" this month, so, please check them out by clicking on the above picture. Please take a look at all the other artists too. There are some great items on there.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hello there! Please stop by the new site Arts A Flutter to view my new items which are offered for this month, including the one above. This is a beautiful new site with many talented artists, so be sure and check them out too. You can click on picture to go to site.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello, I am offering this beautiful Fairy Angel on " A Time for Primitives ". She is made from a small dress form. I have embellished her with a lovely new dress, lots of sparkle, fairy wings, and she even has her own Wand. She stands approx. 13" tall. Also, please check out my items on Etsy as I am adding more items.
Click on pic to go to A Time for Primitives.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Making new friends when you move seems to be the hardest thing, especially when your kids are grown and not in school. So, I have been here in Idaho for two years and haven't really met too many people until the other day. I accidentally got something at my house that was intended for a neighbor, so I took it over to her. Nice person!

I kept thinking, gee its so hard to meet people. Where do I start? I was going to the Craft Stores, Shows, but nothing. Everyone says, join crafting groups, or volunteer. But what about when you are shy? Well, remember that neighbor? She invited me to a meeting, and that was that! Parties, crocheting/knitting groups, and volunteering. Hmmm! Needless to say, I'm feeling so much happier now, and a little less shy.

It was hard leaving my Best Friend behind, and I know I will never want to replace her, but it is nice having someone to hang out with. I hope she never replaces me (as a Best Friend). We were destined to be lifelong friends, I'm sure of it!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am wondering if Spring will ever get here. I haven't gotten used to the Winter in Idaho yet. I'm still missing the milder Winter in California. I am grateful that it is not snowing though. They say you get used to the cold, but I don't know! The only good thing I can say about having to spend so much time in the warm house, is that I am getting a lot of work done, and my workspace is looking pretty organized (well, for now!) LOL

I have made some new items and have offered some of them on
A Time for Primitives. Please stop by and check out my items. There are a lot of talented artists on the site, so be sure to check them out also. I have also added a couple of items to my Etsy site.